The Party Whips

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The party whips are members of parliament who is selected by their parliamentary party to take on the role of each manager. The House of Representatives and or the Senate both have a party and then the party has a whip. The role of a whip is so diverse and very busy that they need a chief whip and two deputy whips. The have tons of responsibility, like meeting with the other whips from other parties to plan the parliament day and set the agenda, and sort out important details. The also have to make a list of people who want to make bill or laws and other business and give it to the Speaker or President. They have to make sure that everyone has voted as a team and attend to everything. Counting and recording the votes is one of there many jobs. Providing advice and support to any of the members, ensuring the party decisions are carried out, and negotiating 'pairs' from opposing parties, so that numbers between the government and opposition are kept in balance if members of parliament are absent. In the chamber the senate's whips sit in the back row behind their party. They…show more content…
There are four basic types of committees for both the senate and the house. Standing or permanent, select, conference and joint are the four types of committees. Standing committee are the most important type. Standing committee deal with bills concerning legislative subjects. Senate has 16 standing committees. The house has 22 standing committees. Most standing committee are divided into subcommittee. House has about 140 subcommittees. Select committee which can be also called special committee, they are a group for investigation. Conference committee and joint committee are made up of members of both house and congress. Conference committee are for resolving differences in bills that have passed both house and congress. Joint committee are for topics that concern both houses. Heads of committee and subcommittee are members of the majority party
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