The Party's Domestic And Foreign Policy

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Neoconservativism has been defined as a political movement born in the United States during the 1960’s among Democrats who became disenchanted with the party 's domestic and especially foreign policy. That is a fine definition if one grew up in that era and understood what was going on, or if everyone knew what the parties domestic and foreign policies were. However, not everyone can lay claim to either of those options as true to them. So one must take the time to understand the rise of this conservative movement. Once the understanding is established, you must be able to participate in polite happy hour conversation. Such as, what lead to the rise of conservatism, how it impacted the nation and how it is continuing to impact the nation? And for good measure you should be able to have another drink and delve into what crises were a result of the neo-conservative movement. So to protect yourself from being the rear end of the conversation with your peers one must prepare for this very conversation.
The first thing to understand is that the nation is like a swinging pendulum, as time progresses, people can look back and see the rise and fall of certain movements throughout history. We cannot look at today and know exactly where in history our pendulum is, because we are not “history” yet. But we do know that the actions of the people in the past have made us into what we are today. Our government is a result of their choices.
The rise of neoconservativism began in the…
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