The Passion By Jeanette Winterson

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“The Passion”: A Review This is a review of the novel “The Passion” by Jeanette Winterson. This is a wonderful story set in 19th century Europe during the Napoleon wars. It tells the story of two very different individuals and how their lives became intertwined. It is a story of love, passion, and obsession. The text will be evaluated by analyzing the story, plot, and characters. “The Passion” starts with Henri. Henri is young French man that was born a poor farm boy. He was raised by a religious mother and dreams of becoming important one day. He has a love of words and loves to tell stories. Henri keeps a journal in effort that his every memory will be there on paper later in years when he may not be able to recall them on his own. Henri longs to be a drummer in the French army. He is in love with Napoleon, not in the way of lovers, but in the way that a person loves and respects their most idolized leader. However, when Henri joins the army at a young age, he becomes a kitchen aid, responsible for the chicken that Napoleon loves. Although this is not the glorious job of being a drummer, Henri finds comfort in being so close to Napoleon. Although Napoleon is a terrible leader and cares for nothing more than winning the war and land, Henri still believes that he is worth his passion. While serving at Napoleon’s camp, he befriends Domino, Napoleon’s horse groomer. Napoleon lives solely in the moment and believes that all that one has is the moment that they live in.
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