The Passion Of Travelling Is My Passion Essay

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Travelling is my passion. I love going to new countries and have the chance to experience their food, culture and learn more about their history. However, I always come back home regretting not doing something while I had the chance. Fear of water, heights, and speed are amongst many that cause me to miss out on the recreational activities of that particular part of the country.
My grandpa always said that those who fear do not accomplish the big things in life for they are too afraid to try. Instead of controlling their fears they allow their fears to control them and miss out on the opportunities that probably will never come again. Thinking of what he always said and not wanting to regret letting go of yet another opportunity I decided to conquer three of my fears, height, water, and speed, at the same time.
I step up sit in the back seat of the van as my dad says, “Have fun, I will see you in a couple of hours”. I smile at him to make it look like I am confident in what I am doing. My brother sits beside me and says, “Sure, if we make it alive”. I know he is saying that just to scare me as I have scared him many times before. As the van pulls out of the parking lot my heart races and I begin to question if I had made a mistake by agreeing to do this. On the drive from Queenstown to Gibbston all I can do is think of ways I can pull out from doing this. I tell myself that I am just being dramatic, surely there is nothing to worry about. However, I cannot get my…

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