The Passion of Jesus Christ and The Son of God

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Some of these movies include King of Kings, The Gospel according to John, Jesus Christ Superstar and many more. These movies helped to convey to their audience a glimpse of who Christ was. As time went on, the Jesus movies closely resemble the Jesus in the bible. It was not until the early twenty-first century when The Passion of the Christ was released in movie theaters that people really realized what type of death Jesus went through. The passion of Jesus Christ was a very controversial movie made in 2004 when it was released because how realistic Jesus’ death scene was. This was the first Jesus film at that time that had a horrific and gory death scene. Recently, a new movie came out called Son of God, this also is another controversial movie because it is the first movie to show all of the major miracles that Jesus performed, such as the feeding of the five thousand, and walking on water. Both The Passion of the Christ and the Son of God try to contrary who Jesus was according to the Bible, yet both of these movies do this in a unique way. In the movie Son of God, there is more emphasis on Jesus’ life rather than his death. Through the miracles that Jesus performed and kindness he showed to people, we as viewers glimpse of what type of person Jesus was. The movie: The Passion of the Christ focused more on Jesus’ death rather than his life. Both The Passion of the…

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