The Passion of the Feather Pen

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The Passion of the Feather Pen Rayvon S. Harrell The poem peaceful decent is dedicated to my Great grandmother Clarine B. Allen. Clarine B. Allen along with her husband J. D. Allen were responsible for raising three generations of children to include my Grand mother, my mother and her siblings as well as me an my two older sisters. To me this was one of the strongest women I have seen walk this earth. This woman was a true blessing to me and all others that encountered her. What makes her so special to me is the fact that she adopted my grand mother and raised many more kids than she bargained for. If she wanted to give up she could have however she kept us all. Peaceful Decent I seen a feather the other day dance it's way down, gently touch the ground and refuse to make a sound. Is that not the saddest thing, to fall from a wing? Never to fly again, it must hurt as you descend. However the saddest thing is also the most honorable, because even though the feathers flight must cease it dances down touches the ground and gently dies in peace. For You I went between the valley and picked a rose for you I thought that you would like it so I bought you two. You said that you liked music so I wrote a song for you, created a symphony and played it for you to view. You always seemed ambitious so I traveled to the moon asked her for a favor and got a star for you. I wanted you to have more so I got a comet too. When sickness harmed your body I found a cure for

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