“The Passionate Love Of Life And All That Is Alive” (Fromm,

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“The passionate love of life and all that is alive” (Fromm, 1964). A famous quote by a psychologist named Erich Fromm in 1964. Erich was the first to use the word Biophilia, which is the “love of nature” thus, where Biophilic design’s name came from. Biophilic design is incorporating nature to buildings, increasing wellbeing, productivity, and health. Recently, architects and designers found out that there is a connection between urban ills and the design of modern buildings and environment, hence the design started to become part of the building industry around the world. (“Biophilia- A short history”, 2013). The practice of Biophilic Design was born creating Biomimicry, which is the use of natural colors, patterns, and textures for both…show more content…
It is very important that humans stay connected to nature because it links to humans’ health, wellbeing, productivity, mood and even growth. Having absolutely no connection with nature can cause huge negative impacts on people as it will increase stress, frustration, and disturbs productivity. Nature naturally has its own way to uplift people’s mood providing the feeling of being surrounded by life.
Biophilic design is sometimes considered as just a ‘design fad’ or a way to gain benefit off of employees or students, however architects responded that Biophilia is not a trend, but is based on sound research that is constantly changing and improving throughout the years (Biophilic Design takes over U.S office space, 2016). Heath (Para. 8) argued to BBC television host, “Trends come and go, biophilic design looks to tap into human evolutionary preference for seeking out healthy landscapes that allow people to survive, thrive and flourish”. He also continued saying how Biophilic design is a solution dealing with urban stressful situations using nature. Biophilic design is not constant, but is improving and changing over time, because of this people are starting to understand the importance and benefits of engaging with natural elements in order to be comfortable, relaxed, and productive. Biophilic design has a to do with people’s health and mood in any commercial or residential building. In short,
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