The Past, Present and Future of Social Security Essays

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Social Security A Historical View Social security, the federal retirement system, is one of the most popular government programs in United State?s history. Today, Social Security benefits are the backbone of the nation's retirement income system. The long road to the successful development of social security began in 1935. Before 1935, very few workers received job pensions. Those workers that were covered never received benefits because they were not guaranteed. Franklin D. Roosevelt signed the original Social Security Act. It comprised of two services: a Social Security retirement benefit that applied only to workers, and a welfare program for the elderly called Old Age Assistance. Social…show more content…
By 1960, seventy eight percent of workers were insured. Nearly universal coverage was reached in 1965. In 1956 disability insurance was added. Women were, also, allowed to retire at 62 with benefits equal to 80 percent of what they would have received at age 65. Men were offered a similar early-retirement benefit program in 1961. By the mid 1960?s, Social Security had demonstrated success by achieving its primary goal of reducing the percentage of elderly living in poverty. New legislation that included Medicare and Medicaid added to the success of Social Security by increasing the tax base for Social Security and raising benefits by 7 percent, by allowing retirement recipients to work without losing benefits, and by amplifying the definition of disability. In 1969 benefits were raised by 15 percent. In 1972 they were raised by 20 percent. They were, also, indexed to increase at the rate of inflation. In 1972 the United States suffered an economic downturn. Legislators worked on ensuring that the Social Security program pay all the benefits that had been promised. In 1974 SSI was added as a welfare program, instead of expanding Social Security. The tax rate and the amount of payroll subject to the payroll tax were increased without increasing benefits. In 1983 President Reagan tried to drastically cut retirement and disability
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