The Past and Present of Terrorism Essay

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The Past and Present of Terrorism

This essay will discuss the past and present of Terrorism. From the Jewish Zealots of the 1st Century committing incidents of terrorism against the Romans to Hitler's Germany's committing atrocities against the people to the acts of terrorism that Ireland's IRA commit(ed) against the British Government to the ultimate act of Terrorism on the World Trade Centre, Terrorism has always existed. This essay will start with a brief summary of terrorism from the 1st century the early 20th century. Then it will conduct a brief case study on Nazi Germany. Furthermore it will conduct a case study on Ireland's IRA and the Arab-Israeli Conflict. Finally it will conclude on the ultimate terrorist act on the World
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Acts of Terrorism date back to at least the 1st century, when the Zealots, a Jewish religious group, who believed that the only way the Romans could be overthrown was with violence. They fought against the Roman's who occupied of what is now Israel. Their tactics were similar to the guerillas of today. A group of Ismailis (Shiite Muslims) founded in the 12th century in Iran, carried out terrorist acts against religious and political leaders of Sunni Islam. An American group, the Ku Klux Klan, (KKK) used violence to terrorize African Americans and their sympathizers in the late 1800's and the 1900's. (Encarta Encyclopedia, pg 235)

By the 1930's the face of terrorism had changed. It wasn't only used to describe revolutionary movements and violence directed at governments and their leaders. It was more to describe the practices of repression employed by totalitarian states and their dictatorial leaders against their own citizens. A perfect example of this was Nazi Germany. Nazi Germany depended on their brown or black shirted thugs. They harassed and intimidated political opponents and rooted out other scapegoats for public humiliation and further punishment.
Hitler believed that the Jews were responsible for Germany's defeat in the First World War. As soon as he came to power he began to attack them. The brown shirted SA or storm troopers founded in 1921 and the black shirted SS or elite

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