The Pastor As A Nouthetic Counselor-

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In chapter 5, I do agree with Adams when he says that the pastor is the good shepherd who has a tremendous responsibility for his people. He correctly asserts that the pastor must consider nouthetic counseling as an essential part of his pastoral ministry. I believe that this pastoral role is necessary and vital to the church body. This is because Christians, like Non-Christians, are not immune from having personal problems. There is a big difference however in how these problems will impact Christians and Non-Christians. The problems that Christians experience can challenge their faith and trust in God. The fact that the Holy Spirit dwells within the heart of the Christian can create a
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This is what the Rogerian model of counseling prescribes. What is also equally strange is that Rogerian counselors are only interested in feelings and attitudes, accepts and not frowns upon sin, does not give advice, and encourages a lack of responsibility. Nouthetic counselors on the other hand are rooted in the word and are guided by the Holy Spirit. Its proponents therefore listen in order to gather data about which to advise, show interest in the whole person, insist on clients being responsible, and require confession of sin. T I agree when Adams pointed out in this chapter that feelings cannot be altered directly in the same way that one can change behavior. Consequently, in accordance with scripture, nouthetic counselors spend less time finding out how people feel. They are more interested in discovering how clients behave. One very pertinent passage is found in Genesis 4:3-7. When God rejected Cain’s offering, Cain became angry and upset, “his face fell” (vs. 5). God then rhetorically asked Cain, “Why are you depressed? “and pointed the way toward overcoming it: “If you do right, will it [ your face] not be lifted up? Here, God sets forth the important principle that behavior determines feelings.

Confess Your Sins- Chapter 7 In chapter 7, Adams tells us that in order to live a life free of misery and damnation Christians must confess their sins to God. He quotes Proverbs 28:13 which states “He who conceals his transgressions will not prosper: but he
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