The Pastor At The East Campus Of Biltmore Baptist Church

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James Myers is the pastor at the East Campus of Biltmore Baptist Church. Myers has been employed with BBC for the past 4 years and has a Master’s Degree in Christian Education. He and his wife, Michelle, live in Asheville with their 2 children, Noah and Cole, and are expecting their third child, a girl, due in August. Myers says he is very lucky to be a part of this church because they have an extensive network of employees, including a group of licensed therapists located in the Hope Network. Capuzzi and Stauffer (2015) state that assessment of the needs of marriage and family therapy go beyond just the instruments, in fact “Snyder, Heyman, and Haynes (2005) noted that more individuals reported seeking treatment for marital problems than any other single type of problem, with a majority of individuals surveyed identifying significant periods of turmoil within their marriage. Given the numbers of individuals experiencing marital issues at some point or another within their relationship, as well as the number of individuals seeking couples therapy, couple and family therapists must be familiar with instruments that may be used to assess specific problems and the quality of the relationship” (p. 89). Myers says that he likes to help people, but really wants to be able to remain their pastor and will counsel briefly with people, but if the trouble they are having is more extensive from his assessment, then he will refer them to one of the highly qualified counselors of the

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