The Path Narrative

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How did I end up here? What happening to the yellow markers on the path? What happened to that path? I was just walking down one of the paths in my backyard when I had found myself lost in the woods. I had decided to go out for a walk to past the time while I waited for my mom to get home. I wish that I would have stayed home and then I wouldn’t be in this mess of being lost in woods. I went to check my phone to see if I could get a signal but sadly I was out of range. If I wanted to go back home I needed to think of a plan to get myself back on to the trail. Maybe I could just follow my footsteps and that would help me go back. I turned around to see if I had left any footprints only to watch to see a braze cover up almost all of my footprints with dirt. With that plan now out I needed to think of some other way to get out. I saw two other paths on that I could take but there was no guarantee that it would take me back home. The choice was now either to go back the way I came and maybe get even more lost or go on these new trails and maybe get more lost. Either way I was screwed. I finally came to a choice and decided to go on these new paths. The…show more content…
I looked over to see that there was two coyotes slowly making their way over to me. Like this day couldn’t get any better they seemed to be wanting to fight me. The first one hops up and I protect myself with my left arm with the coyote holding on for dear life. The other one was now coming for my non struck leg. I kick the the coyote that was on arm and moved out of the way from the second one. Grabbing onto a loose stick I hit the coyote that tried to attack my leg till it fell off of the pile. The other coyote was now running up to me. I did the same thing I did to the other coyote and smacked the coyote across its face with a stick. The coyotes got back up and started to leave. With a sigh of relief and a bleeding arm I got my leg unstuck and limbed my way back on the
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