The Path Of Federal Vote For Women During The Mexican Revolution

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The path to federal vote for women in Mexico was a unique history to the Mexican Revolution. The nation was known as a great independent movement, which highly looking for economic modernization, and practice liberal ideals. Because they were lacked of education, Liberal was a big concerned for women and fear that women might harm and cause more problems to the progressive politics (Pablos 45, 60). The battle for the right to vote was only thought in England, Europe and United States. However, women in Mexico going through the same movement in 19th and 20th centuries. Their involvement in politics and economics opened the door of widening to the gender roles. The Revolution helped them organized politically to go after the equal rights and end the women suffrage. The Revolution was a suffering event for women in Mexico, they got no choice but to followed the men into war because the lacked of food and supplies at home. Which later on called themselves “Soldaderas”. “Between 1917 and 1946, one argument was used to deny women the right to vote: women were insufficiently or unsuited for political activities (Buck, 74)”. Even though, they were educated and many being middle-class women, yet women were not allowed to vote in the elections because of the male-domination in the country. There were an opportunity for women in Mexico to gain the suffrage and the right to vote, but they failed during the mid 19s. According to previous 19th century Mexico Presidents, Mexican women…
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