The Path Of Nursing And The Path To Nursing

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A pathway towards nursing Nursing is one of the many appreciated careers within the medical field. Nurses provide safe and efficient care for patients. They have the chance to make a difference in people’s lives. Nurses require many responsibilities because patients and family members rely upon nurses so they achieve goals that are crucial for the well-being of a patient. They inform patients and families about diseases and how to prevent them. Nursing requires empathy and effort in order to succeed and help patients that need them the most. Nursing would be a great career to pursue because it deals patient care and safety , it is a promising career, and the job stability is high because it is in demand. Nursing is the practice that involves patient care and safety because nurses treat and monitor a patient. Nurses have a huge responsibility that requires intensive training and knowledge within this position. The ability to make your own decisions is a huge responsibility, for example working in a pre-operative surgical unit and PACU (post anesthesia care unit) requires healthcare workers to work as a team. Nurse constantly have to work with anesthesiologist and surgeons in order to make decisions that will have an impact on a patient. Anesthesiologist are great to back up nurses in a difficult decision. Nurses sometimes have to follow their gut instinct that they know will comfort a patient . It is labor intensive because it is hands on work that involves helping
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