The Path Of Seeking Higher Education

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Life consists of a series of choices, choices that makes us who we are as individuals. Many of us faced a 'fork in the road ' following our four year tenure in high school. There is a broad decision we must make on whether we want to follow a path of education, or to entire directly into the workforce. Among those who choose the path of seeking higher education, there is a more narrow decision. Whether to directly enroll into a four year institution/university or to attend a community college, two year institution, seeking to receive an associates degree or to eventually transfer to a four year institution. Many factors come into play in making the educational choice, and both paths have unique pros and cons associated with them. For many high school graduates seeking higher education, being able to live on their own and mend for themselves is a goal. Going off to college is seen as a milestone in the lives of young adults, it acts as a transition into individuality and adulthood. Without being cared for by your parents anymore, you must learn to be responsible for yourself. With this responsibility comes time management, you will learn to allocate time to study. By directly attending a four year institution your surrounding peers will be near your level educationally. Students with similar test scores and grades will be together, so a sense of competition is implied through the gathering of classmates. Another advantage of a four year university is the direct, and
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