The Path

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Since I was a little child I loved sitting in front of the TV, with my sandwich and ice tea, and just flip threw channels to any interesting sporting event that was on at the moment, from baseball to swimming I would just sit there and watch these men talk about sports and it seemed as if they enjoyed it. As the years went by I watched the people on ESPN every night. I said to my self, “I could talk about sports and get paid for it”. Right then and there I decided what I wanted to be, and what I wanted to become. I went from the little child with the Yankee cap on his head to a grown man who could sit at a bar and talk about sports for hours and make sense. This brings me to my question how does one know what career is right for one? We…show more content…
That really stuck with me for the next few years and I believe it was that little push I needed to start thinking about how I want to wake up every morning for the rest of my life. This moment of my life has lead me when I am today I have a head on my shoulders and I have my goals set for me that I plan to accomplish. When we make your choice and decide what field you want to get into, you will see changes in your life; the right job makes everything in your life better. You know you have made the right choice when you look forward going to work everyday; you feel energized day in and day out because of what u do. Always have to stay optimistic about your future. Whether you chose a career because you were born into the family business or its because you chose it because its something you like, everyone has their own interest and chose their path for a reason, maybe not always you do what you want to do but life brings challenges and picking a career is one of

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