The Path To Success Essay

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The path to success There are several qualities to have to be successful in college. These qualities can range from attending class to going above and beyond what’s expected. Success comes from the journey taken or the path chosen. Success also comes from being prepared. As a student, I must step up to the challenge and find the path to success along the way. Several ways I define success is to uphold academic integrity, have the ability to prioritize, and to motivate myself to stay on top of what needs to be accomplished. Academic integrity holds a great deal of weight. This includes honesty in the work produced, as well as being able to accomplish the work. Responsibility in addition plays important factor into integrity. I see…show more content…
Most of my days are long and tiring. By managing my time wisely, I normally get everything I need for school and my extra circular actives done in a timely fashion. Sometimes it takes not hanging out with the girls, in order to make sure I get my work done. Even putting in an extra hour at work helps me manage my time more wisely and keeps me from temptation. Which in turn forces me to focus more on my school work. Coaching football has always been a passion of mine. Knowing how restricted my schedule is, I strive to get my boys out of practice on time everyday. That way I can make it home to get some studying in, before I head into work. Many people believe success in college is rocket science, but actually it’s the exact opposite. College is set up for students with the most basic high school knowledge to have a chance to excel. It’s the simple things that can make or break a student’s college career. Things such as going or not going to class. No brainer right? Sometimes sleep seems so much better than eight o’clock A.M. math, but a successful college student has to have the willpower to resist the temptation to not skip out on class. College is all about learning and not cutting corners, which only will hurt in the end. Everyday of missed class information will be lost, therefore the lack of understanding will show on a test or pop quiz. Attendance is a key to success. If I don’t go
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