The Path To Success : Pathway To Success

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Pathway To Success “It's failure that gives you the proper perspective on success.” - Ellen DeGeneres Being successful doesn’t always mean having good grades, or “doing good at school”, or being good at anything really, because being good at something simply means you are too familiar with it and that doesn’t make you successful. Instead it makes you basic, because being successful means you are willing to overcome the most challenging difficulties, which is the hardest part of this pathway. There are many ways that help students become more successful that students aren’t aware of; for example. Having a longer school day, developing a growth mindset and adding to your schedule some extracurricular activities.
Longer School Day
About an average of 82.5 percent of Students graduate from anaheim highs school; Teenagers don’t really understand the value of success. Graduating high school is the first step to a successful path and if they can’t accomplish such a thing they’re most likely aren’t going to be successful. At Anaheim high school most children don’t take any of the knowledge seriously and They don’t have their priorities straight, Other things in life interfere with their school work and change their goals and pathway to success. Although I Believe it starts with the desire of each individual student to become successful, they’re not always in total control of their success; parents, teachers, the school systems and student’s environment interferes big time

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