The Path of Recovery Is for Everyone

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Hardships are terrible but a normal part of everybody’s life. No matter what the hardship was or is, anybody can recover. In the books and movie we have viewed in class, they show issues to the extreme. When Jeannette escapes the depths of Welch and her parents, her life was smooth sailing afterwards. When you have a life as traumatizing as hers, It is expected for more struggles to occur later in life. Not everybody will be as fortunate as her and trot with no regression. Lily ran away from home with no clue where she was headed, other than a town written on a picture. Liz had drug addicted parents and no plans on education. She reached a life altering decision and started going to school again. This lead to her ultimate goal of going to college, and at one of the most profound ones in the United States. If these three girls can overcome the intense situations they endured, anybody can. Jeannette was an average girl, brought up in an environment where moving every few weeks was acceptable. She never had any thing stable in her life, and basically had to raise herself with the help of her brother and sister. Neither parent was loving or caring in any ways. No matter how big a struggle, they always had to act as they were living life to the fullest. Jeannette states this by saying "We were always supposed to pretend our life was one long and incredibly fun adventure." (Walls 69.) When you take a look at the abyss she was able to avoid, it should give you hope and motivate
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