The Pathophysiology Of Mark 's Presenting Compliant

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Throughout a person’s life milestones, there are expected physical, psychosocial and cognitive developments in relation to health aspects within certain age groups. For an instance, a school aged boy would respond to their diagnosis and treatment very differently to a fully grown man. At the age of 8, a child often experiences a shift from the pre-operational thought when they were pre-schoolers to concrete operational thought. Mark who is 8 years old was undergoes an appendectomy and been diagnosed with a gangrenous perforated appendix with peritonitis. This essay will be describing the pathophysiology of Mark’s presenting compliant and also evaluating on the nursing role to deliver developmentally appropriate nursing care with the focus on Mark’s growth and developmental stage, his family centred care and the effects of hospitalization on mark and his family.
Mark’s presenting complaint was associated to the digestive system function failure. All living organisms are able to grow, develop and reproduce through the consumptions and supplements of essential nutrients and vitamins that help flourishing their bodies. This is done by the food ingestion, which is taking in food or drink through the mouth, then these are passed to the digestive system where food is processed into forms that the body can easily utilised. Hence, obstruction to this system can cause enormously harm to the body (Peate & Gormley-Fleming, 2014). The digestive system consists of many organs, in…
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