The Patient Arrived On Time For Her Session

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D-The patient arrived on time for her session. Upon meeting with the patient, she appeared odd and not smiling. This writer asked the patient if everything is alright and her responds was a yes. As this writer and the patient entered the office, the patient immediately discussed about detoxing from the program and when asked why? The patient vented about getting tired of clinic and how she knows to stay away from negative people. This writer continued to question the patient because her request did not make any sense and it happen suddenly; however, this writer advised the patient about seeking a consultation with medical to weigh in her option and also share with the patient about decreasing her dose to be stabilize at a lower dose, at which the patient then consider doing. While completing the dose change request as the patient requested to decrease her dose by 2mgs every week until she reaches 69mgs, this writer noticed the patient appeared to be not herself as she was seen rubbing her temple and then says, " Ah, man." This writer asked the patient as to what is really going on and the patient then shares about a recent altercation that occurred yesterday with another patient (#2732). According to the patient, patient #2732 approach her vehicle with her significant other, Frankie a few days ago and asked for his contact number in front her, at which anger the patient. The patient then says, " It 's not she asked as if she thought she had the wrong person by mistake, she
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