The Patient Education Program Will Increase Patient Safety

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The patient education program will increase patient safety and will improve HCAHPS medication communication scores . A patient’s understanding of medications is very important to a satisfactory patient experience and it also improves safety and quality. A recent study shows that only 35% of patients knew the side effects of their medication (Hays, Ron D., et al. "Physician Communication When Prescribing New Medications.") Archives of Internal Medicine 166, no. 17 (2006): 1855-62 Many health care organizations have used Lewin’s theory to recognize human behavior as it relates to change and patterns of resistance to change, the model encompasses three distinct phases known as unfreezing, moving and freezing or refreezing (Bozak, 2003). The purpose of the model is to distinguish factors that can impede change from happening; forces that are in opposition to change often called restraining or ‘static forces’ and forces that promote change, referred to as ‘driving forces’. When health care organizations fully understand what behaviors drive or oppose change, then work to reinforce the positive driving forces, change can happen successfully (Bozak, 2003). Unfreezing Stage In Lewin’s ‘unfreezing’ stage, an understanding of the difficulties related to the recognized problem is sought and “strategies are developed to reinforce the driving forces and weaken or reduce the restraining forces” (Bozak, 2003, p. 81). Unfreezing involves identifying key players
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