The Patient Focused Model Of Perioperative Nursing Practice

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Theoretical framework The theoretical framework selected for this project is the Perioperative Patient Focused Model. The model is consistent with a conceptual framework used in perioperative nursing practice focusing on the patient and their support systems within the core of the model (King and Sapnas, 2007). The model is guided and standardized by the Perioperative Nursing Data Set (PNDS) consisting of a variation of elements such as nursing diagnosis, interventions, and outcomes (King and Sapnas, 2007) assisting nurses to utilize evidence-based practice in providing, safe, efficient patient care. The primary goal is to optimize the patient’s surgical outcome using evidence-based best practice measures in order to provide safe and effective patient care (See Appendix A). Protection of human subject Patient consent was not indicated due to the nature of the proposal, therefore IRB was not required. Information will be collected from adult patients’ charts using only the medical record number. The patient’s confidentiality and anonymity will be secured at all times throughout the course of the change proposal (American Nurses Association [ANA], 2012). Legal/ethical issues Ethical challenges are the most profound when dealing with patient safety; compliance with the prophylaxis antibiotic administration guidelines is paramount to a surgical patient in order to decrease the possibility of a post operative surgical site infection. Antibiotic timing requires
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