The Patient Protection And Affordable Care Act

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Occupational Therapy is a health, wellness, and rehabilitation profession devoted to the development of performance and function across their lifetime so that individuals can live their life to the fullest. The holistic approach taken by occupational therapy practitioners is particularly effective in the areas of wellness, health promotion, and prevention. The practice of occupational therapy can take place in health care and education settings, and in community based agencies and organizations. The timing is excellent for occupational therapy in the area of wellness and prevention. Occupational Therapy practitioners administer habilitation and rehabilitation services, which are among the fundamentals health benefits of the…show more content…
If ACA is executed as planned, a lot of people will be newly insured by private insurance or Medicaid, and the health care delivery system will be more combined and conformed to produce better outcomes for the patients at reduced expenses. The American Occupational Therapy Association is maintaining to work to defend the importance of the occupational therapy profession and consumers (Boccuti & Moon, 2003). The Health Care Reform will increase the number of potential clients for OTAs in every state. People who were uninsured at one time will gain access to health insurance that covers occupational therapy services. The Health Care Reform will cause even more people to gain access to occupational therapy services in states that elect to increase Medicaid eligibility. This is usually covered by essential health benefits in most cases. This could expand the demand for OTAs to gain more jobs. OTAs will be able to provide habilitative services. Even if private health insurance rejected this coverage in the past, it will still have to be covered to some extent for the newly insured population. Occupational therapy assistants will gain new opportunities to engage in the care delivery models of the future such as accountable care organizations and patient centered medical homes. The accountable care organizations prevail with various structures, but are commonly systems of health care providers created to improve patient end results, reduce costs, and
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