The Patient Protection And Affordable Care Act

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Statement of Purpose I work as an home care occupational therapists in the field and provide services to people from children to old age. I see the effects of laws and policy discussions not only on the patients but also on the workplace itself. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) is one such example that has changed not only how we deliver patient services but also team dynamics within the healthcare providers. When I started working, we had a multidisciplinary team model that has since been changed to an interdisciplinary team model, we used to have separate teams of nurses, rehabilitation therapists and social workers but now we have been integrated into a team based on geographical location. Whereas, patient care delivery used to be fragmented and performed in the respective care provider services, this has now been transformed where greater integration is seen from the way we share information; more information has been coming from all providers and not only from the home care agency that I work for but also from outside providers such as the hospitals and nursing homes. In an ever increasingly competitive healthcare environment, there is a need to determine that 1) the desired outcome is produced, 2) quality care is provided and 3) the cost of care is the lowest possible. Yet the basis for the determination of such is having the right kind of measures available. Dr. Trudy Mallinson is one such specialist in the program who has the year of experience
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