The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

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The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is here to stay, most experts agree. The politics of the issue, while unsettled are fading, the Supreme Court ruled the law is legal, and soon too many Americans will have coverage under their employers; from the exchanges, or Medicaid that dismantling it is not feasible.
The Current State of Obamacare and Business
Businesses, tell us they always want stability, and really have little to fear from Obamacare. Large businesses, those with over 200 employees for the most part already provide health insurance for their workers. In fact, 99 percent of these firms already do provide health insurance. The remaining one percent will have either to begin insuring their workers by 2015 or face a $2,000 per employee penalty. Some cynics suggest that employers who already provide insurance may opt for the penalty as it is cheaper than insurance. That is very unlikely if they wish to attract and keep the best employees.
Employers with between 50 and 200 employees face the largest impact of the affordable care act. But, in reality, a study done by the Kaiser Foundation found that 92 percent of companies with 51 to 100 workers already provide health insurance to their employees and 97 percent of employers with 101 or more workers does the same.
Since employers with less than 50 employees are exempt from the employer mandate, only a miniscule number of firms are going to have to decide what to do when the employer mandate is fully implemented
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