The Patient Who Fell Through The Cracks

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This paper is an analysis of a case study by Karla Lowe-Phelps, titled The Patient Who Fell Through the Cracks. The paper analyzes different ethical topics concerning patient’s right to deny care and how the nurse handles the situation as an advocate for this client. Many studies displays ways and strategies that nurse can implement to help improve care that is given to this 48 year-old man weighing over 380 pounds, and exhibiting stasis ulcers on both legs. The American Nurses Association Code of Ethics along with other professional nursing journals and studies shows a great inside on how nurses should implementation care for clients. Beside the ethical problems, this paper assesses and examines the client’s family as his caregiver, with detailed teaching strategies related to patient’s weight, diet, hygiene, wounds, and most importantly a better look on how the nurse should have acted as a better advocate for this patient.

Analysis of Mr. H: The Patient Who Fell Through the Cracks This paper focuses on an obese 48-year-old man, who is six feet tall and weighs over 380 pounds. Mr. H was his name and this patient was noncompliant with his care. Mr. H lived with his diabetic wife and their 27 year-old mentally disabled son. Mr. H was a client to the Visiting Nurses Association and presented with pressure ulcers on both of his legs. Mr.H health kept declining because he refused all the appropriate care that was to be given to him. Mr.H didn’t have a stable
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