The Patient 's Confidentiality ( Data Protection Act 1998 )

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In order to maintain the patient’s confidentiality (Data Protection Act 1998; Human Right Act 1998), he will be named John or Jonny for the purposes of the assignment.
John is a 49 year old Caucasian male who lives with his 47 years old wife in one of the working class area of the city. John has 2 children and only recently became a grandfather. He used to be a manager of a food processing plant before he took time off work on health ground. His wife is a nursery school assistant. John had been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes precisely 13 years ago. Living with diabetes had made John physically and emotionally drained, and had been deemed so by a Psychiatrist. He was on several major anti-depressants. Because of his depression, he had not been able to fully look after himself in managing his diabetes. He will not attend diabetes ' clinics and appointments because he was feeling “unwell”. So was subsequently transferred to respite care, which was to serve as a caregiving support on a regular basis. Now, with the help of his family and the integrated care, his mental state is improving. Although he never had issues with his mobility or his general unkempt, he is able to go out and has resumed work but only on part time basis. He now attends clinics and keeps to appointments.
I met John and his family whilst on a community placement with the community nursing team as part of my nurse training. He was one of the patients I was assigned to. I introduced myself to him on our…
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