The Patient 's Life And Development

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the patient’s life and development as they work towards getting back on their feet of being independent again; so that they can effectively perform her14 component of nursing care unaided (Current Nursing, 2012). The environment starts with the patient’s inner or internal willingness to become independent again. A typical example of patient’s drive to become independent was manifested in one of the writer’s patient admitted with a diagnosis of right hip fracture. Even though physical therapy had an order that patient needed one staff assistance for transfers and ambulation, the patient did these activities unaided. When staff tried to encourage and educate patient about safety, the patient always responded and said “I am here to get better and go home, but the bulk of the work depend on me; so I am doing the best I can. I hope you understand where I am coming from. ” With that being said, the patient’s environmental mind set was a huge contributing factor to her quick recovery even when there was fall risk factor involved. Also, the patient’s family, the community and the nurse in particular should all work together to achieve patient’s health and wellness by assisting the patient to achieve self-actualization for his or her own life. The nurse should establish trust through a patient-nurse relationship with effective communication as the building block to recovery. The nurse should ensure that the patient’s physical environment is kept clean and cutter free with the right…
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