The Patients in the Behavioral Health Unit Essay

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As a working nurse on a behavioral health unit, I service many patients that are disadvantaged and/or vulnerable harm. There is a large population of people that are susceptible to developing illnesses and diseases. This population includes people who are: “educationally disadvantaged, economically disadvantaged, mentally disabled, handicapped, homeless, pregnant women, alcohol and substance abusers” (Henry, 2012, table 8). These people lack access to resources needed for medical care and everyday needs to sustain good health. In most cases the disadvantaged and vulnerable individuals lack daily hygiene, nutrition, sleep and physical activity. As stated in an article on the National Institute of Health (NIH) website: There are many…show more content…
The most important objective that I feel will assist to achieve the Healthy People 2020 goals for individuals that are addicted to substances are to increase the percentage of the patients to enroll in follow-up treatments that are available and utilize the emergency department services. “estimated 22 million Americans struggled with a drug or alcohol problem. Almost 95 percent of people with substance use problems are considered unaware of their problem” ("Overview," 2010, para. 2). Most hospitals offer follow-up outpatient intensive recovery treatments, Alcoholic Anonyms, Churches, and private companies, such as Twin Towne in Orange County. Emergency Departments are available, approximately 35 in Orange County open 24 hours catering to patients in crisis. A patient struggling with substance abuse could go to any of those areas to start a sobriety program, they will get guidance according to funds and insurance. It is important that individuals that suffer from substance abuse become aware of their problem. Self-awareness is the first step to recovery. Once aware of the problem, communicating the issues to family or professionals should then be initiated to seek help. Acute alcohol detox can alter a patient’s mental and medical status and is recommended to have a medically supervised detoxification. Major life threatening sign and
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