The Patriot Ac Does NOT Violate Constitutional Rights Essay

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Citizens of any country are given some rights as well as responsibilities, and the United States of America is no exception. The Constitution (US Const) of the USA as well as the first ten amendments, also known as “Bill of Rights”, defines the framework of it. It is a supreme law that defines how Federal Government works.
Shortly after the September 11th 2001 terrorist attacks, the US congress enacted a law, commonly known as The Patriot Act. This law enlarges the power of government and administration allowing them to obtain the personal records of any person of suspect in hopes of preventing any future terrorist act. Many of its provisions were going to expire in 2005, but Congress passed another bill named “US PATRIOT Improvement and
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(Sales, Nathan A). They also claim something similar to very hot topic related to search the reading habit of a library patron. They understand that The Patriot Act can be applied to libraries and bookstore but it is not very alarming and gave reference to one 1990 case where grand jury in New York ask for library records (Sales, Nathan A).
In addition supporters claim that it actually helps to prevent terrorist activities and it works. They said that according to Department of Justice Patriot Act helped to take down the terrorist cells in Buffalo, NY and Portland Oregon (Sales, Nathan A). They said Patriot Act didn’t create any revolutionary changes in the basic framework and the changes to law enforcement powers are relatively modest (John C. Yoo). According to them The Patriot Act contains most of common sense adjustments and modernization to existing laws. In the past it had to get new warrant each time a target traveled into a new judicial district. The Patriot act eliminates this extra hassle (John C. Yoo).
“Prior to September 11th intelligence agencies and law enforcement failed to communicate with each other about terrorist hijackers… This lack of communications had its roots deep in the culture of government… Fortunately, in the Patriot Act, congress began to tear down the walls that cut off communication between intelligence and law enforcement officials” (Gerdes 36)
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