The Patriot Act

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A) The main points of this reading is to show how the American people should wake up and care about what the government is doing in the years since 9/11 happened. The American people should understand what the affect the Patriot Act on the, “…takes away checks on law enforcement and threatens the very rights and freedoms that the nation is struggling to define,” (127). The Patriot Act goes against everything the constitution stands for and takes away American citizens rights. The last point the two authors are trying to make is why Iraq was invaded and why troops were needed to be deployed. The author points out it all come back to the world marker and the struggle to stay one top.
B) I learned from this reading about the events, which have unfolded since the terrorist attack on New York. From the passing of the Patriot Act, to the secrets the government is keeping and a motive on why Iraq invasion was need. Throughout this chapter the two authors are trying to point out to the reader, they need to pay better attention to the movements of the government. The America people need to start paying attention to what really is going on within the nation and around the world.
Reading two: Donnelly, chapter 16
A) In this reading, Mr. Donnelly main point which he wants to get across to the reader is how people opinions have changed about race, sexuality and who has rights in different nations. During the 1940s to the 1960s, when the International Human Rights Covenants was being…

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