The Patriot Act Impact On America

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Introduction: When an incident occurs the government and public react in various has changed the mind set of many Americans. Terrorism on the rise around the world made government officials to take proper precautions and changes in protocol. Our nation attempted to prepare for the worse scenarios. Events of 9/11 shocked most citizens and government officials. In response President Bush signed the Patriot Act, however since provisions expired later President Obama had to reactivate the Patriot Act. Most citizens were unaware of reaction from our government. The Patriot Act impacted of America, the Director of National Intelligence, and the agencies that report directly towards the DNI. Topic I : Patriot Act impact in America A. Anti-terrorism Prevention B. Civil Liberties C. Media , Journalism , and Libraries Topic: II. Director of National Intelligence. A. Duties as a Director of National Intelligence. B. Previous Directors of National Intelligence. C. Director of National Intelligence Clapper. Topic III : Agencies that are effected by the Patriot Act. A. FBI B. CIA C. National Security Agency* Topic I: A. Anti – terrorism prevention The incident of 9/11 many are aware of were acts of terrorism. A popular conception were focused on hatred toward western culture. A more enforced law could be the solution for future attacks. Law enforcement and government efforts to protect citizens from terrorism is essential. Innocent people around the
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