The Paul Of The Apostle Paul

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Whatever tales may have spun out of the antiquity of time, Jesus was not the initiator of Christianity as we know it. The division between Jews and Christians did not begin with the death of Christ. Indeed, many of his teachings have been lost forever for none of his disciples ever wrote a single word down. Although this religion, established solidly upon this man, does not even regard Jesus in most of the New Testament (Collier). The man behind the curtain, the usurper, and divider was an Apostle who never met Christ. In fact, he twisted and filled his letters to the Corinthians, Romans, Galatians, Ephesians, and Philippians with thoughts and quotes from Jesus that filled his own idea of what form Christianity should take. The Apostle Paul was that man. Argued among scholars and historians, the actual division between Christianity and Judaism took place at different periods throughout history. However, at the roots of Christianity, there are two key players: Paul and Jesus Christ (Collier). Whether or not the separation took place with the existence of one and the words of another conflict reigns. Christians regard Jesus as the initiator of their religion. His life and death speak for itself, fashioned in the foundations of Christianity. Paul is regarded as the profuse linguist of the Word. He was the scholar who interpreted the meaning of Jesus ' life and furthermore, clarified how his death was integral to salvation (Collier).
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