The Paul Revere

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He had a bigger impact on American history then just exclaiming, “The British are coming,” though. Paul Revere is important to American society because of his participation in politics, community affairs, and wars and his craftsmanship. Paul Revere was born in Boston, Massachusetts on January 1, 1735. Revere was born to Apollos Rivoire, who later changed his name to Paul, and Deborah Hichman. Deborah had grew up in Boston whereas Apollos moved to the city when he was 13. Revere was one of twelve children and the third born. Paul Revere dropped out of school relatively young to become an apprentice to his father who was a silversmith. In 1754, Revere’s father died and being too young to take ownership of the business, he enlisted in the army. It was during the French and Indian War that Revere enlisted into the army. After just a short time, Revere was appointed second lieutenant of artillery. This is where he first began a position of great success that he will use later in his life. He spent the summer at Fort William Henry in New York. During his stay at the fort, he thoroughly learned what his new position entailed. Not feeling that the war was his calling, he dropped out and went home to take over family business. In August of 1757, Revere married Sarah Orne and within just eight short months, they had their first child. The two had eight children together, but…

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