The Pawn Shop At 123 Main Street Owned

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We were dispatched to a pawn shop located at 123 Main Street owned by Mr. Patty McRob. A female customer named Jessica was upset with a television/vhs set that she was sold on the previous Friday. Patty had a sign up in his store saying no refunds, well Jessica said Patty told her if it was not working and she returned it by Monday she could get refunded. Jessica paid fifty dollars for the television/vhs set. I wrote down in my notebook that it was a business. Since it was a business we were able to walk in. O’Garo knocked on the door and was about to wait, but I told him it was a business and we could enter. I also wrote down the address of the pawn shop, as well as the owner and the Jessica the complaint. The problem we encountered was Jessica felt like she was sold a non-working piece of equipment and Patty “hustled” her. I think my interviewing/ investigation skills were good I was able to calm her down while finding out details about the incident and her personal life. She told me the purchase was made on a Friday and she was told by Patty she had until Monday to return it. She also explained she was a single mother of two kids and that she could not afford to be wasting money. I believe this is why she was upset. After viewing the DVD I would keep my demeanour the same. O’Garo came out as strong and loud and I did not want to have the same demeanour because as one of the two actors I would feel as I was being belittled or harassed by two officers being loud. I
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