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The Pax Romana Most often revered for their warfare, Rome created more than just an incredible military empire, they created a time of great peace that had never been seen before in recorded history. This time of peace, referred as the Pax Roman ( 96 AD - 200 AD), which means literally Roman Peace. This time of Roman peace was a system of government created by Augusts ( the Emperor of Rome), and lasted for over 200 years. It was out of this peace time that sport & leisure time where created. The bases of Roman life where that of law and order and this only took place with good leadership. Beginning the leadership of Rome during its Golden Age was first with Nerva in 96 A. D. and ending with the death of Marcus Aurlius in…show more content…
As they age into manhood and middle age, a young man can look forward to a time when he ultimately can spend raising his family. It was not until a soldier reached the age of around thirty did he then start spending more time with his wife and children, however they were often called back to duty at this age. It was not until a man reached the ripe old age of about sixty when he would have the time to spend solely with his family and also to be considered for Senate. The Romans did not want to waste time needlessly. It just did not make any sense to waste time in actives than one did not enjoy nor, had sometime to gain( either financially or to aid the Roman community) from. Even leisure time was taken seriously. It was during this leisure time that Romans where to think and ponder about the day and the world around them, as well as participate in social actives like the public baths. Seneca, a Roman philosopher “urged men to realize before it was too late that life, as most people led it , was not life at all (in the sense of philosophical preoccupation with the problems of truth and reality) but a mere waste of time.”1 Obviously time was not viewed the same by all Romans. Many Romans thought their time was best spent in providing for the community, as a solider or working for the Senate , or in some other type of public service. By upper class
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