The Pay Gap Between Men And Women

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In this book edition, it speaks about the pay gap between men and women. It focuses on the gender inequality, in United States, which causes set-backs for women in the workforce. There is a couple of reasons why women get paid less compared to a man. The book speaks about the statistics of wages between gender, the disadvantages with race, and the disadvantages of a women’s age. Gender inequality has existed for years but now more than ever women are striving to break the gap of gender inequality in the workforce. A woman typically earns 75 cents of a dollar. Yearly, women are losing about $11,ooo because of discrimination towards women. There is a lot of stereotypes, but one of them that limits their income, is that she is not dedicated to her job because she is a caregiver. But a woman who has not formed her family, she will make more than a woman with children. Nonetheless, the childless woman will earn about $11,000 more. Sadly, women will have to put more time, effort, and hard work before she can earn as much as a man. Statistics says, “ A women will get paid 90 % of what men are getting paid until they reach 35 years of age. Also, a woman’s race is a factor of gender inequality in the workforce. The book states, “Asia American women salaries show the smallest gender gap, at 90% of white earnings. But the gap was larges for Hispanic and latina women, who were paid only 54% of white men in 2013.” Therefore, the race can influence how much a woman can…
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