The Pay Scale At The Ccua Department

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When making recommendations to the company, the management needs to be aware of all the aspects to consider in order to give accurate and detailed recommendations, to benefit the company as a whole. In this scenario, recommendations were given, but more information would have been helpful in determining more accurate and more precise advice to help the company stay competitive with other companies for these specific jobs. In terms of the pay scale at the CCUA department, more information needs to be received from the other companies that were surveyed in order to make an accurate comparison after receiving all the facts. The only comparison made was based off salary alone, so if the survey asked how much insurance is offered to employees,…show more content…
The CCUA department is paying these specific employees approximately $950 a year per employee (roughly $79/month), which includes both health and life insurance. Benefits, such as health and life insurance, are a definite attraction for employees as the health care costs are on a rise and the more attractive the benefit package is, the more attractive the company is to potential employees and current employees (Haar and Kossack, 1990, p. 187). Even though the department has a lower base salary, we do not know how the department compares with other companies in terms of these benefits offered to data processors IIs or computer analysts. It would be beneficial for the department to have an idea about what their competitors are paying, so that they can ensure they are offering the same or better benefit packages; since benefits are becoming more of a priority during the hiring process. What is a company is offering a higher base salary, but the benefits are really not that great? The employee may decide to take the job offer from a different company who is offering a lower salary but better benefits. The CCUA department needs more information about other companies benefit packages in order to assess how accurate and competitive their $950/year per employee is in comparison to other
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