The Payment Card Industry For My Organization

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I have chosen the Payment Card Industry for my organization to write about. Mainly because I work in the industry and know it fits the criteria for security. So I will get down to the name three major information threats to the Card Service Industries. I got my three major information security threats form PC World (Bradley, 2015). For the Payment Card Industry I have chosen Social Engineering, Sophisticated DDoS Attacks, and The Insecurity of Things (Bradley, 2015). due to the access of the ATMs and Credit Card Readers. The first threat is Social Engineering. The Payment Card Industry is a prime target for Social Engineers because they can gain larger profits off of the information. With this information a theft can steal larger amounts of money in a short period. They best defense against Social Engineering is training. On eSecurity Planet’s website by Thor Olavsrud they list “9 Best Defenses Against Social Engineering Attacks” are the following: 1. First Education is the best way to defend against a social attack (Olavsrud, 2016). is to be aware of how it happens. Training on how to recognize the Social Engineer exploits the situation . Jamey Heary on the website acritical “Top 5 Social Engineering Exploit Techniques”, (Heary, 2016) for PCWorld, states that the top 5 techniques are familiarity exploited (Heary, 2016) , this is where the Social Engineer gets to know you so you are comfortable so you will talk to you about sensitive information; Creating a Hostile
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