The Pc And Its Operating Systems

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The PC and its Operating Systems The information technology field is a field that covers a vast amount of technologies and ideas that have evolved to be much more than what they were during the infancy of the technology movement. Perhaps the greatest innovator and most recognizable face of the field is Bill Gates, the creator of the Windows operating system. Windows revolutionized the way the public interacted with their personal computers and catapulted the devices into the majority of American’s homes. Running counter to Windows, and taking a completely open source route for ease of access and distribution is Windows rival Linux. Linux has a very different approach to how the PC should operate and had a number of different versions that are tailored to individual user’s needs. All of these different operating systems have at least one thing in common however. The ability to run on a personal computer. The personal computer, or PC, the personal computer is a general-purpose computer that make it useful for individuals and are intended to be operated by an end user. Bill Gates was born October 28th, 1955 in Seattle, Washington. Gates showed an early interest in the world of computing, writing his first software program at age 13 and helping a group of programmers computerize their schools payroll system (“Encyclopedia Brittanica”). Taking his love and interest for the world of computing even further, Gates created his first company Traf-O-Data at age 17. This

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