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In this paper I will discuss the industry structure and the behavior of firms in the Personal Computer Industry. The personal computer industry has five leaders: Compaq Computer Corporation (CCC), Dell Computer Corporation, International Business Machines (IBM), Hewlett-Packard, and Gateway, (Industry Survey, Apr. 2000). The PC industry, as discussed in the paper, is comprised only of home/business use machines, not mainframes, databases, or any kind of servers or super-computers. The PC industry is a fast-growing, consumer-based oligopoly. I will prove the latter through the use of industry characteristics and firm behaviors by giving an overview of each leading firm and their behaviors', then
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The future for CCC is quite hazy. Despite the sales numbers and the heavy bottom line, CCC's stock price has sat down in the low $30's,(Hamblen 1). Competition is increasing daily and Compaq needs to distinguish itself in the marketplace. They've already experienced a decline in markets share, only they can change their fate.
Dell Computer Corporation, the second leading computer manufacturer, began by selling PC's directly to consumers. Their first customers ordered over the phone and Wold Wide Web. To this day Dell still has no brick and mortar retailers and does not distribute its product to resellers. In the business to business market Dell has excelled, but until recently, the profitable company was not so profitable in the home-user segment,(Industry Survey, Apr. 2000). The company's new strategy, to gain market share, has proven very effective. Dell now posts a 62% gain in world wide PC shipments and a 2.6 share-point gain from 8.2% in `98 to 10.8% in `99,(Industry Survey, Apr. 2000). Recently Dell's presence has been felt in the growing PC market. This has forced competitors to be very careful about pricing in this highly elastic industry. Dell's profitability is also notable, since it has minimal distribution costs and does very little advertising Dell is extremely profitable. However, rough times may be on the horizon for Dell. Analysts are worried because profit growth
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