The Peace Corpss

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I do think that United States has basically helped other countries more than we have helped ourselves. With some research I have done regarding this question, I will have to completely agree that we help other more than we help ourselves. With United States having great economic success, we can, and do, give more aid to other countries than anyone else. Yes, United States takes care of its own issues before helping the other countries, but helping others is in our culture to help other people or countries in need. From things like fund raisers for different needs around the world, or even just charities to help aid the people in need of it. Here are my reasoning’s why I believe that the United States has basically helped others before helping…show more content…
As many know, the Peace Corps volunteer on high-impact assignments that range from 3 to around 12 months of hardcore working and helping. The Peace Corps help with fighting hunger, protecting the environment, improving access to technology, and trying to help fight HIV/AIDS. The members of the Peace Corps volunteer in areas like: education, health, environment, and youth in development, community economic development, agriculture, and Peace Corps response. The countries they usually serve are: Africa, Latin America, Asia, Eastern Europe/Central Asia, The Caribbean, North Africa/Middle East, and the Pacific Islands. The Peace Corps budget sometimes ranges from $350 million all the way up to $410 million. United States have also helped Haiti with numerous things as well. They invest in four sectorial pillars, which are: Infrastructure and energy, food and economic security, health and other basic services, and governance and rule of law. Some of the main things of U.S. assistance to Haiti four years after the earthquake includes things like: housing Haitians, removed millions of rubble, created jobs at the Caracol Industrial Park in Haiti’s north, made haitian national police stronger, provided literacy instruction, and many basic health indicators.
With those reasons being said, I truly believe that America helps other countries more than it helps its own. United States cares for other countries and do not want them to suffer, especially in natural
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