The Peace Of A New Home For Democracy

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While we will not be directly supporting the rebels on the ground, we will support the rebels in their overthrow bid, giving the Syrian people a new home for democracy. As our values in the region are upheld, so, too, will the idea of prosperity in the region. The United States has stood by the Syrian people in their desire to overthrow their President, and as support for Assad wanes, the people of Syria will see a light of opportunity to further their lives. The people of Syria will be able to take back what the government has withheld. The Iranians will also feel prosperity from the western willingness for Iran to further development towards nuclear energy. Russians, too, will feel a sense of growth and relevance on the world…show more content…
The United States will not act unilaterally, but rather will involve support from nearby Arab nations with a vested interest in the U.S. regional strategy. Additionally, we will not have the time to broker with Iran and Russia to stop supporting Assad, and instead, will be forced to place heavy sanctions against both nations if they are unwilling to immediately withdraw support to Assad. One of the greatest challenges for the anti-Assad rebellion has been fighting a well-armed, well-supported Assad regime (Sorenson, pg. 13). The United States has provide arms and support to anti-regime fighters, but not nearly at the same pace as Russia and Iran have resupplied Assad. Also, rebels lack cohesion, as there are numerous anti-Assad factions that are attempting to overthrow the government, often times competing with each other. In order to bring the rebels together, and form a stronger rebellion against Assad, this course of action requires U.S. military presence on the ground. While I do not submit that the United States lead the attacks, we should instead embed ourselves with Syrian rebels, providing direct training and mentoring to the rebels, as well as providing support from aircraft and long-range artillery. Similar to operations in Libya, the U.S.-led air attacks can directly attack Assad himself, paving the way for a more successful rebellion. While we cannot possibly unite all of the rebel groups, we must show and provide a unified front for

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