The Peace Of The Middle East

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Ever since the establishment of an Israeli state in the Middle East, there has been no time of peace between the many nations. After Israel was declared a nation, it was immediately rejected by the Palestinians and they rejected the partition of Palestine. Ever since then, Israel has been at war with its surrounding Middle Eastern neighbors multiple times. There has been a multitude of attempts to try and broker a peace throughout the Middle East and not a single plan has stood the test of time. The most noteworthy of these peace plan attempts that actually worked, was the Camp David Accords in 1978. This plan was between Israel and Egypt to establish peace between the two nations after decades of off and on fighting. This accord was a step in the right direction for the Middle East but the biggest obstacle and the main reason for violence and chaos in the Middle East, is the tension between Israel and the Palestinians. Many politicians believe that peace in the region is not possible, but there is a way for there to be peace between these two nations by giving Palestinians something they always wanted. After reading the article by Samer Shehata, titled Forget the Road Map, I believe his idea for a plan for peace is a viable and realistic option. In recent years the tensions and violence have risen in the Middle East due to rise of terrorism. The rise of groups, such as Al Qaeda and ISIS, caused violence and chaos throughout the Middle East which is seen as a huge antagonist
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