The Peace Prize By The Tunisian National Dialogue

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Third, in 2015, this political transition was crowned by receiving the Nobel Peace Prize. The successful political dialogue held by the Tunisian national Dialogue Quartet that included the Tunisian General Labor Union, Tunisian Confederation of Industry, Trade and Handicrafts, The Tunisian Human Rights League, and The Tunisian Order of Lawyers. That dialogue was held due to the conflict between the protests that asked the government to step down after the second political assassination in 2013 and the protests supporting the government. The quartet aggregated all major parties for a national dialogue in order to appease the protests and agree on a political solution. The results of this initiative in a crucial situation like the one in…show more content…
This democracy that was not just endorsed politically but also in terms of security.
The United States under the administration of Obama showed increasing support to Tunisia in terms funds to counter terrorism. These funds have been steadily increasing especially after 2014, the start of the political stability Tunisia underwent. The funds Tunisia received from the States for peace and security passed from 32.02 Million dollars in 2014 to 77.09 Million in 2016 dollars that’s an increase of 241%, reported This financial help dedicated to enhancing security helped the Tunisian army to obtain new, more advanced arterially enabling it to better deal with terrorism. In fact, terrorism is a new scourge to the Tunisian society and the army that’s why the country faced some terrorist attacks due to the lack of experience the soldiers used to have to counter-terrorism and the limited number of weapons they used to possess. The president Beji Caid Essebsi said in an interview after the incident in Bardo, “Le terrorism n’a pas de tradition en Tunisie” (Essebsi). However, after the help of the United States and other European countries such as Germany, Tunisia was able to secure its soil and to lessen the threat of terrorism that affected its economy and especially its tourism.
In addition the United States, in 2015, during the official state visit of Beji Caid Essebsi, Obama named Tunisia as a Major Non-NATO Ally. This attribution will allow
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