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The Peach Tree

When I reminisce about my childhood, the fondest memories I have revolve around food. We often went on picnics to the beach. There at the water's edge, my father would struggle to light the charcoal in the wind that kept both the hot dogs and the kids cold. My mothers' anise-sweetened bread was the perfect match for ham every Easter morning, afternoon, and the days that followed. On my birthday we always had gnocchi, fluffy pillows of pasta that melted in our mouths, tossed with an ethereal tomato sauce. In August we had peaches and not just any peaches, peaches from our peach tree. I loved our peach tree. I love the memory of that tree. In retrospect, the peach tree was an integral part of my childhood.

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After that, it was just a matter of waiting. Being children, we put the time to good use. We climbed and swung on the tree's branches. We played house and frontier fort in the tree. We were pirates, Tarzan, Jane, and George of the Jungle.

By mid-August the fragrance perfumed the air. The fruit, the size of softballs, bent the branches. Not heeding our parents' advice, we would sneak a peach, unable to resist. We were usually greeted by a tasteless, crunchy disappointment. Mom and Dad may have been testing the peaches the same way we did, but I never saw them. One day they would summon us around to tell us it was time. We picked baskets-full of peaches, more than we could eat. We stood on the lawn eating while leaning forward to keep the juice from dripping onto our clothing. The juice still ran down our faces and arms onto everything. We were sticky yet satiated. Mom would make the best peach pies and my fathers' favorite dessert was peaches and red wine. We would have peaches on pancakes, peaches on ice cream, peaches on cereal and peaches on peaches. After that, the canning began. Mom would peel, slice and carefully cut away any of the bad parts before canning. The jars would be lined up on the kitchen counter under the open window, waiting to cool before being stored in the basement. Knowing that there would be peaches for us during the other eleven months of the year

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