The Peak Iphone? Apple's Stock Falling Into Question?

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The Peak iPhone? Apple’s stock falling into question? These are issues that the Silicon Valley powerhouse, Apple has never had to face. With the recent release of the iPhone 6s and 6s plus, Apple has blossomed the discussion of the possibility, that the constant market leader of smartphone, has reached a peak. The screen has gotten bigger, the processing chips are the fastest they 've ever been, resolution and camera quality are unmatched in any previous model, so where else can Apple improve? Consumers of the iPhone have far less of a reason to upgrade their product than ever before, and in order to continue their success, Apple will need to analyze their strategies to create a product for the demanding smartphone market.
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Looking at the iPhone 's ability to meet and exceed customer needs, currently, it meets and exceeds all needs of its consumers, as one of the most recent needs was that of a bigger screen, and the iPhone 6 and 6 plus surely delivered on this need. In future models of the iPhone, a need is yet to be prominent, so in order for Apple to continue to achieve great success in this market, a need must be created and met. As far as providing value goes, it could be easy for any cost conscious consumer to see the pricing of the iPhone and scoff at the possibility that the product could be worth it, but with 500 million iPhone owners worldwide the value is clearly seen. (Bailey, 2016). It is unlikely that Apple will be dropping the prices of their iPhones anytime soon, so expect the future models of iPhone to be striving to provide value at top dollar once again. The final critical success factors for Apple go hand in hand as their ability to gain employee commitment is directly related to their focus on creativity and innovation. As the article mentions, Apple continues to roll out new technology, not exclusively just with their iPhones, but with innovations such as Apple Pay, Apple Watch and Apple Music to name a few. Apple’s strongly committed employees and
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