The Peak Oil Crisis

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The predicament of peak oil does not just effect a fraction of the population, instead, it effects the whole world. In order to prepare for the occasion when we will no longer have conventional liquid energy the world will need to develop renewable energy sources that will be capable of sustaining the worlds energy requirements. If nothing is accomplished, we will face an intense catastrophe around the world that could theoretically end all of our lives. The peak oil crisis can be averted if we take the accurate steps in the direction of sustainable energy sources and lessen the quantity of energy wasted around the world.

Nineteen million years ago the earth existed in a stage called the late cretaceous. It was an era of intense global warming. The continents had begun to separate, opening vast rifts in the earths crust that would subsequently flood to develop into seas. Algae flourished in the severe heat and began to contaminate the water. When the algae died, they began to drop to the bottom of the rifts. Rivers carried sediment into the seas until the organic remnants of the algae were buried. As the compression grew, so did the temperature, until a chemical reaction altered the organics into hydrocarbon fossil fuels (oil and natural gas). A comparable process transpired on land which generated coal. It took the environment about five million years to produce the fossil fuels that the earth expends in one year. The current way of life is reliant on this fossilized
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