The Pearl

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It is simple to be loud. The effort it takes to state one’s opinion in a booming and unrestricted manner takes little to no effort at all. In John Steinbeck’s “The Pearl”, Kino, the main male character, allows his desires and emotions to control his actions. His beloved partner, Juana, is responsible for looking after the majority of their life by herself. She cooks, she cleans, and she cares for their child, Coyotito. Juana goes through her everyday routine without complaint or discontent. Even when disaster strikes, and their life is turned upside down, Juana remains the voice of stability. The role of women in this story is to be the silent strength behind the rise, climax, and fall of their family. In the beginning of the story, Juana is introduced as Kino’s wife: a soundless caregiver to her husband and son. She wakes up in the morning and immediately goes into her work for the day, not taking a moment to think about herself. She cooks breakfast, feeds her baby, and cleans the house before Kino even gets up in the morning. Her selflessness in her chores is just the beginning of Juana’s depth of caring. When disaster strikes in the form of a scorpion sting to Coyotito’s shoulder, Juana does not hesitate to act. By sucking the poison from her child’s wound, she proves that she is willing to immediately jump into action to maintain the safety of her loved ones. Safety comes at a price, however, as Juana and Kino soon realize. In order to get the doctor to help their son
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